2017-18 State Test Scores

Below are two graphs that demonstrate the tremendous growth in 
test scores that AOC has achieved since we began testing.  The new information that the Northeast Charter Schools Network has compiled show AOC is above the district average for ELA by 11.1% and above district average for Math by 22.6%.  AOC's board of trustees sets a goal of AOC being 5-10% over the district.  These scores exceed this standard.  Our test scores exceed the other charter schools in District 30 in both our ELA and Math.

We will continue to seek to improve our practices to keep the test scores high and at the same time ensuring that progressive work and specials are a key element of the school.

AOC Test Scores 2016-2018AOC Test Scores vs District 30

Academy of the City Middle School

Academy of the City Charter School will be opening a middle school beginning August 2019! The new grade 5-8 school will be housed temporarily at the elementary school and move to a new building in August 2020.

More information about the new middle school including how to enroll will come out in February 2019.

AOC Middle School Flyer