The PCO is a volunteer parent organization dedicated to supporting students, families, teachers and administration at AOC. Our main goals are to create a thriving participatory school community, fundraising for AOC and creating an open forum for parents to bring forward ideas and issues that affect positive changes within our school community. Through the PCO, parent’s ideas are heard and acted upon.

PCO Board Officers – 2017-18 School Year

Ebru Grundy
Susanna Lopez

Dolly Sanchez

Executive Secretary
Brenda Kusumi

Class Parent Coordinator
Daniela Quiroga

Communication Coordinators
Cristina Reyes-Calderon

Fundraising Chair
Maria Vallecillo

To contact the PCO Board, email PCOboard@academyofthecity.org

Bylaws - The current PCO bylaws were passed at the June 4, 2012 monthly PCO meeting.
The bylaws will be available soon for viewing in English and Spanish.