About Us

Opened in the fall of 2011, Academy of the City Charter School is a tuition-free, community-based public charter school originally located in Long Island City in western Queens.  We launched our school year with just over 100 students. In August 2013, Academy of the City moved to our new permanent location in Woodside. Here we have space to offer a classroom spaces for art, music, physical education and science. We also have a library with over 5,000 volumes and computer lab staffed by a librarian/technology teacher.

We have been named a Reward School by the NYS Education Department in May 2017 in making the most progress with no significant gaps in student achievement. This award was given to only 185 out of over 4,400 schools in New York State. With our progressive educational model, the Academy’s goal is to motivate and prepare students to engage in a lifelong love affair with learning, resulting in a meaningful and productive life.  Our teachers are firmly committed to empowering students to embrace their proficiencies, skills, and interests, and to eventually take their place as citizens of today’s increasingly global world.

We are firm believers in an integrated educational approach, where even our youngest students experience personal and educational growth as a result of a diverse student body that more closely mirrors the world outside the Academy’s doors. Here, English language learners, students with special needs, and high-performing students can feel equally at home.  Our rich and varied curriculum and our focus on the uniqueness of each child’s needs and aspirations is a proven model for long-term success.

Here is a snapshot of what Academy of the City Charter School offers your child:

  • A full-time lead and assistant teacher in the lower grades (Kindergarten and First grades)
  • Dedicated, experienced and certified teachers who teach reading, writing, math and history
  • Certified teachers who provide support in ELL, Special Education and at risk students
  • Specialist teachers who teach art, health, music, physical education, science and Spanish
  • Extra support for English language learners at all grade levels in all subject areas
  • Project Based Learning projects that integrate reading, writing, speaking, math, art and other subjects

The Academy of the City provides a groundbreaking opportunity for each child to embrace his or her own strengths and talents and to gain new perspectives and knowledge. Our mission is to not only offer learning for its own sake, but to serve as a conduit to the world, placing their lessons into practice and context.